Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I have just received six tracks that I recorded in one two-hour improv session in the back of my parents' car (my home studio) for Wes White's fantastic Attack!!! fanzine. Dan Bennett of Hunting had been mastering them for me.

For Attack!!!, artists are invited to respond to a piece of writing that has appeared in a previous volume. There has been a Steveless track featured before, "n", in issue 6, and I have a piece of writing included in a forthcoming volume.

Check out Attack!!!, it is great.

As are my tracks. I love them. Several of them are really sweet, one a really pretty piano based song. They're all pretty much about friendship. Lovely.

Now I just have to turn them from Wav files to mp3 and send them off to Wes. Then we'll see how many, if any, he fancies including. Any that aren't, I'll stick them right up here.

But yes, I am excited by these, it's nice to get your musics back from someone else and enjoy it anew.

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