Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Obligatory Love Song

Oh yes, I made a Steveless video.

Unfortunately, I blew the recording budget on pieces of paper. Still, I like to think it nestles into the pantheon of film history somewhere alongside Kurosawa and Bergman.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cube jingles at the Cube

You can hear those Steveless Cube Cola jingles this Saturday at...the Cube, yeah. Suprising that. Here is the PR whoring:

Cabaret Of Curiosities: Radio Curio


20:00 27/03/2010

8pm / £7 / £8

Roll up and Tune in as Zuleika H. Ziegfeld and Pappy O'Paradise present Radio Curio from ZBC!

We want you - yes YOU! - to come and join the live audience for an auditory amazement! A sonic spectacle! A radiophonic revelation!

We'll be presenting a variety of features from dance, comedy, circus and burlesque live from the auditorium!

We're pleased to announce the line-up will include music from Jack Woodhead, H P Lovebox, Narco Lounge Combo, magic by Kieron Kirkland as well as Boys and Dance's new guise, acrobatics and a Snake dance from Poppy Von Tarte!

For one night only, The Cabaret of Curiosities celebrates three years of vaguely vintage vaudeville and variety, a magnificent melange of merry music, a bountiful bevy of beautiful burlesque and an astounding abundance of alliteration!
Stay tuned for updates!

£7 adv £8 door

DRESS CODE: Eccentric Glamour, radio accessories!!

~This programme is brought to you by Cube Cola, a refreshing alternative, Standing on the Hands of Giants.~

Thursday, 25 March 2010

More BBC Bristol

Ohh, I had another track played on BBC Bristol Introducing. A fantastic little number called "I Opened that Door Again".

Bugger, I missed it, though. I would love to know what they thought of it. Its a track so fractious and odd that its coming round the other side and become catchy as hell.

I shall stick it up here soon.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Storm the Charts

Steveless is now entered into Storm the Charts.

Storm the Charts is a Facebook group - started by Mr Wes White - which seeks to use its membership to propel 40 unsigned acts into the UK Top 40.

Its proved a bit of a phenomenon thus far, since the start membership has rocketed, and it has duly received a large amount of media attention.

Acts nominate themselves - and there has been a fantastic response - with the final 40 being chosen by a mixture of membership votes and panel deliberation.

The deadline for applications is March 23rd, and the charts shall be stormed the week commencing June 5th.

The campaign is also supporting a VERY worthy charity - EDGE, who work to conserve unique and wonderful animals on the verge of extinction, and whom you can donate to here.

We'll see how this all pans out; with Steveless or Stevelessless, I am very excited by it. And so should you.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I have just received six tracks that I recorded in one two-hour improv session in the back of my parents' car (my home studio) for Wes White's fantastic Attack!!! fanzine. Dan Bennett of Hunting had been mastering them for me.

For Attack!!!, artists are invited to respond to a piece of writing that has appeared in a previous volume. There has been a Steveless track featured before, "n", in issue 6, and I have a piece of writing included in a forthcoming volume.

Check out Attack!!!, it is great.

As are my tracks. I love them. Several of them are really sweet, one a really pretty piano based song. They're all pretty much about friendship. Lovely.

Now I just have to turn them from Wav files to mp3 and send them off to Wes. Then we'll see how many, if any, he fancies including. Any that aren't, I'll stick them right up here.

But yes, I am excited by these, it's nice to get your musics back from someone else and enjoy it anew.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Pondering. Hmm.

Sometimes I wonder, would Steveless be BETTER or NOT AS GOOD if I tried to make musics properly - spending time writing and developing songs, using numerous takes, utilising myriad effects, getting in proper production.

It doesn't matter, either way, because it wouldn't be as fun so I wouldn't do it. Just thinking, like.

The Cube

The Cube is one of my very favourite places in Bristol. It's a microplex cinema and venue, staffed by volunteers. You should go check out it's website.

Anyway, Mr Richie Paradise was looking for jingles for their next, radio themed, Cube Cabarat shindig, on 27th March, and posted a request up on the Choke forum.

Thus far three folk have responded. Dan, otherwise known as Rarg, Tone, DJ Antonio Maovi and far too many other aliases to mention, and myself. Dan did two, Tone did five and I've done six. I'm going to stick up a link for one of the Steveless ones here. I'll put the rest up eventually, I'm sure.

Cube Cole Jingle Number Four

My Dad was in bed (he works nights) when I recorded it, so it features me whisper-singing. This is not some attempt to introduce a Schoenberg-esqe new style.

It makes me smile anyway.

And that has to be a good thing.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

In my Dream, I Made a Film

Here's another new track:

In my Dream, I Made a Film

The title is QUITE self-explanatory. I had a dream in which I was making a film (and it was better than yours). Not only was I making it, I was staring in it. It was a scary film, where there was some great, big dirty bomb that went off. Only a few survivors remained. At least, remained normal. It was quite John Carpenter.

Anyway, I did some improvisation the next day, needed words, and it was that dream which came to me.

Recorded in my bedroom in half an hour, yet so far played by the two radio shows I have sent it to: Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales and Bristol Introducing on BBC Bristol. The former called it weirder than Captain Beefheart, the latter challenging. Both laughed. Hmm.

I really like this song, it's fun. I especially like the ending "I'd call it Dan's Film. About a Bomb." Which I would do. If only one of those damn studios would commission it. The Man, huh?


More new songs

Two more today, in an hour.

That's eleven inside a week. I am going well.

It is meant to be about quantity, not quality, right?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

New Songs

Over the course of two days this week (two hours one day, half an hour today), I have recorded the princely total of nine new songs.

I think I probably like most of them. You might not.

Today was particularly productive. Bored of not working very hard at my thesis, I took a little break, thirty minutes later, three in the can. That isn't a euphemism.

Today's songs are sad, though. Self-pitying, I'm sure.

A couple from earlier in the week were very sweet indeed.

Sweet? Self-pitying? What has become of Steveless? I thought they were all supposed to be about eating dates and being bored (not at the same time; how could one be the latter if engaged in the former?).

You will hear these new songs in due course.