Sunday, 7 March 2010

In my Dream, I Made a Film

Here's another new track:

In my Dream, I Made a Film

The title is QUITE self-explanatory. I had a dream in which I was making a film (and it was better than yours). Not only was I making it, I was staring in it. It was a scary film, where there was some great, big dirty bomb that went off. Only a few survivors remained. At least, remained normal. It was quite John Carpenter.

Anyway, I did some improvisation the next day, needed words, and it was that dream which came to me.

Recorded in my bedroom in half an hour, yet so far played by the two radio shows I have sent it to: Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales and Bristol Introducing on BBC Bristol. The former called it weirder than Captain Beefheart, the latter challenging. Both laughed. Hmm.

I really like this song, it's fun. I especially like the ending "I'd call it Dan's Film. About a Bomb." Which I would do. If only one of those damn studios would commission it. The Man, huh?


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