Monday, 15 February 2010

Adam Walton on Radio Wales

So, the first of my new Steveless songs got their first radio play this weekend; on Adam Walton's Radio Wales show of 14th. It was a song called 'In my Dream, I Made a Film'; which Adam described as a little too weird for Captain Beefheart. Perfect description, thank you Adam.

For the next week or so, you can listen to it here on the BBC iPlayer:

Adam Walton - 14/02/2010

The Steveless track is near the end, at about two hours and forty five minutes in, after a beautiful song by Cate le Bon. But that is irrelevant; you should listen to the whole show if you like new and exciting musics. Always interesting, with a wonderfully enthusiastic and endearing presenter. His show is on every Sunday from ten pm to one am on the Monday. Worth starting a new week knackered for.

I shall post another Steveless track up here later.

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