Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Dennis Hopper Song

Okay, so here's the first bit of Steveless for you. Brand new, hot off the presses and so on. It's a track called The Dennis Hopper Song.

Click on the link to download the song.

The Dennis Hopper Song

I've posted up a photo of the lyrics as follows; if you can't make up my lovingly rendered scrawl as captured through the magic of camera phone, it's a paean to Frank Booth. Or, rather, Dennis Hopper. They're kind of one and the same in my head. He's not doing too well at the moment, so let's take it as a tribute to the man.

So this is solo Steveless, just me in my bedroom, improvising layer on layer (all first takes) until I think there's enough there to be called "a song".

So, what's on this track...a couple of layers of out of tune guitar played through a broken down car boot sale amp...a biscuit tin being hit with a Rock Band drum stick...a cardboard box being pummelled...and my dulcet tones; I did feel naughty swearing, but I think it was tastefully done, and the part called for it dear.

Anyway, now for the disclaimer...I've only been recording again for a couple of weeks. It's my first time not using tape, I'm trying to use computers. It's a bit of a struggle as I really am a total techtard. However, I can just about plug it in and press record. I didn't really mix it, just put it as was really. However, it was mastered by the very lovely Mr Daniel Bennett. You might know him as the guitar from the incredible band that is Hunting Lodge. He did it as a favour, and very appreciative I am too.

Anyway, if anyone just likes it then please let me know here. Make me feel it's worthwhile posting tracks up for you. And spread the word, pass it on; free musics!

I warn you, I will be back soon enough with more Steveless.

Sleep well.



  2. Lo-fi majesty, but not enough penguins.

  3. Thank you.

    Now, who could that be...I will record a penguin song.

    THAT will be a song for you.