Monday, 1 February 2010

Steveless Tunes

Oh, hi! It's been ages.

Yeah, alright. What about you?


Umm...I like your hair.

Oh, I thought you'd done something different to it.

Ah, maybe, yeah.

Anyway, welcome to the Steveless Tunes Blog thing. I had this idea the other day and, I must say, I think it was rather a good one. I'm going to use this Blog to link to a load of mp3s of Steveless tracks for you to download. All free, of course.

I'll be shoving them up periodically. Rhys, from the band, tells me that our webspace is enough for about five hundred tracks. So that's the challenge; to fill it up.

There will be both old and new tracks. The old will involve me trawling my old CDRs and the depths of my computer for a bunch of songs I'd forgotten about (and presumably blocked out). The new means that I am actually recording again, hoorah! For the first time in two or three years.

They will mostly be just me, Steveless Dan, but I might put up some Steveless Band and/or Steveless and Syd Howells, depending on whether the others let me. We shall see.

I'm going to bugger off now, but I will return. Honest. And with the first of the tunes.

Oh, before I go, I should point out that this Blog does use the term "tunes" rather liberally.

Ta ra, Dan.


  1. Consider yourself allowed...

    Syd the Jackal

  2. You're a star, Syd.

    Do you remember the days when folk used to use their voices to ask each other things? Sometimes faces were involved too.

    Crazy days they were.