Saturday, 20 February 2010


Here's another old song for you. Hope, the opening track of The Home EP. I think I did it the week after Run.

It was recorded way back in 2004, on my trusty old four-track.

I can remember recording it in my bedroom at my parents' house...first I improvised some drums, then a bass guitar, then I did two vocals tracks and a bit of melodica. The whole thing probably took about quarter of an hour to write (hah!)/record. Although, it wasn't a straight fifteen minutes; what I used to do back then was record several songs worth of drums at once. As i think there were six songs on The Home EP, I would have done six lots of drums and then come back to finish off this one.

I also have a lovely memory of travelling back from Brecon to Pontyclun, having watched the Super Furry Animals play, and hearing it on the Peel show on Radio One. It was the night of a session by The Fall I think, and Peel got Steveless and The Fall mixed up as he cued up the track.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only time that happened!

But yes, download, listen, enjoy. More to come.


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